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Sometimes I amaze myself with my process behind booking a trip. Sometimes I plan the hell out of it. Sometimes the planning overwhelms me to the point where I actually get bored with that destination so I randomly go somewhere else at the last minute.

Booking this latest trip was no different.

Lately I’ve been keeping things pretty low-key, only doing a couple of brief domestic trips here and there. I had some bills to catch up on, a new apartment to enjoy, and a scuba certification to complete. But I knew that as soon as 2014 hit I was going to be hopping on a plane.

I welcomed the new year with five rollover vacation days I had to use up in Q1. So since I have a huge, almost sexual obsession with volcanoes, Central America shot to the top of my list. I researched, and researched, and researched, yet nothing felt quite right. Sure I wanted to do it all—exploring rain forests at Arenal, swimming in Lake Atitlan, volcano boarding at Cerro Negro, hiking on Ometepe. But I was also being teased to test out my new diving skills in Belize or Honduras. With the extensive travel time and distances involved trying to squeeze that much activity into a long week, it was proving difficult or more expensive than it seemed worth. Plus I wasn’t ready to settle on “just the rainforest experience” or “just the diving.” So after weeks of endless searching and the February 7th departure date looming closer, I scrapped that whole plan and went all in on another in a matter of hours.

I’m going to the Galápagos Islands from March 28 – April 7.


I pushed the date back a bit for several reasons, but mostly just to give myself a little more time to get my shit together and make sure this trip is as awesome as it should be. But on Sunday morning when the idea came to mind, I instantly knew this was where I was going. Further research only solidified this. It has everything I want—volcano hiking (albeit, no lava, but that’s another trip in the works), nice beaches, awesome scuba diving, and an extra bonus: cliff diving. Plus, AWESOME WILDLIFE! Sea lions, blue footed boobies, penguins, flamingos, giant tortoise, iguanas, hammerhead sharks, etc. etc. etc.! And despite what you’re probably thinking, it’s actually very affordable. But more on that later.

So yeah, 72 days until I’m in paradise, wrestling a giant tortoise and diving with sea lions. I’m only half kidding there.


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