The Art and Royalty of France

The Art and Royalty of France

I could’ve easily spent my entire time in Paris strolling through the extensive world class museums with my rainy day mix playing through my headphones. But I hardly even scratched the surface because the weather was too perfect not to be getting lost outside. Oh and that whole “I have no money” thing was a minor factor. But I did make it a point to check out the Louvre and Musée Rodin, and make the trek out to the Palace of Versailles.

The Louvre was majestic. The perfect architecture was complemented by the perfect landscaping. The interior was like a fairytale palace adorned with pieces only fabled in the art history books of my college years.

Really, the Louvre was just Louvrely. Okay I apologize for the cheese. I’m done writing. Forever. Actually no, that’s a total lie. But I’ll spare you the lame puns and share some pics.

What a Louvrely tree!

I want to slide down that glass so bad

Oh this interior garden area was disgustingly ugly, clearly

When I build a house I’m going to make the front entrance like this

Cupid’s Kiss (aka second base)

Turning the corner and seeing this literally took my breath away. Without a doubt my favorite piece I’ve ever seen in any museum, ever.

So beautiful

Size doesn’t matter in the art world

Finally pushed my way to the front for a pic

A semi-awkward pic of me outside of the Louvre

On my last day in Paris we were trying to dodge the intermittent showers by hiding out in museums so we bought a pass for admission to the Rodin Museum and the Marmottan Monet Museum. I just wish we hadn’t stopped for cheese and whiskey in between because we ended up getting to the Monet Museum four minutes after the last admission. And there was no refund. Fail.

The Thinker

Roses in the gardens at the Rodin Museum

The Gates of Hell

Really awesome use of mirrors here

I can almost hear a scream


These expressions are mildly frightening but fully awesome

Looks like more than just a kiss to me…

The Thinker

One particularly warm day we jumped on the RER and headed out to Versailles. The palace was almost overwhelming with its elegance. It was ridiculously ornate and as expected, absolutely gorgeous. After touring the inside I highly recommend renting a bicycle and biking the gravel pathways for the afternoon. Just don’t do it in a short dress like I did.

For a second I questioned whether or not I was actually dead and standing at the gates of Heaven

Laying in the grass after a sweaty bikeride

The pristine landscaping at the Palace of Versailles

Endless windows and plenty of natural light, no big deal

A little bummed that we didn’t catch a fountain show

Wardrobe malfunction

These made me hungry for BBQ ribs

The massively gawdy yet beautiful Hall of Mirrors

Chandelier in the Hall of Mirrors

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