This Week’s “Lost Girl of the Week”

This Week’s “Lost Girl of the Week”

Lost Girl of the Week: Kim Merritt

If you’ve never heard of them, The Lost Girls are three friends who left their lives in New York City for a year of adventure and inspiration around the globe in 2006. (They’re basically three girls that I wish I had met long ago and could now call friends of my own.) They developed a website to share their experiences with other like-minded nomads, and to this day, Lost Girls World has become the “premiere travel and lifestyle website for young women.” Whether you’re looking for advice on a trip around the globe, tips for dropping the 9-5 and working on island time, or ways to add more adventure into your everyday life, Lost Girls World is sure to be a valuable addition to your RSS feed.

Each week they feature a “Lost Girl of the Week,” and I’m excited to share my very own story—and inspiration behind Just Visiting—as this week’s “Lost Girl.” Check out the path I’ve taken to get where I am today, and why I’m still trying to figure out where exactly that is. Check out the entire story here: Lost Girl of the Week: Kim Merritt


  1. Rachel December 2, 2010


    Your website is awesome!!!! I am so jealous! I also wish I was the 4th lost girl!!! :) I am from Missouri – but now live in LA for grad school but after that, I am off!!!! :)

    Feel free to hit me up any time you’re in Cali :)


  2. admin December 2, 2010

    Thanks Rachel! I’ve still got a lot of work to do on the site. This is what I managed to spontaneously design and develop myself in 2 weeks before going on a last minute 37 day journey around the USA. Good for you on grad school- definitely something I’d love to do myself. I’ll be sure to get in touch should I end up in the LA area again- I’m always looking to meet more people out there! The same goes for you if you ever find yourself in New York!

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