jetBlue AYCJ: That’s a Wrap

jetBlue AYCJ: That’s a Wrap

30 days. $499. Unlimited flights. Drumroll please- the numbers are in:

24,654 miles flown on the jetBlue AYCJ pass (25,154 including a flight on Spirit Airlines, from DTW to LGA on day 37).

913 miles in a car or by bus (between cities- not including transportation within cities).

60 hours 15 minutes on airplanes.

35 hours in airports.

20.5 hours on buses.

16 hours 15 mins on trains.

15 hours 15 minutes travelingin cars between cities.

13 cities. 12 airports.

2019 photos and videos taken.

Not to mention, brief encounters with 3 tornadoes, 2 tropical storms, and 1 Tommy Lee. I stayed in 10 houses/apartments, 2 hotels, and 1 hostel, and only encountered 1 canceled flight, and 3 flight delays.


  1. Leanne Bourne December 14, 2010

    Hey again!
    Whats this pass all about then? and where can i get it or what time of year do they release it???

    • admin December 16, 2010

      Hi Leanne! Thanks for stopping by the site! The All You Can Jet Pass has been offered by jetBlue for the past two years. It’s basically a pass to fly around the country and Caribbean as much as you can, for 30 consecutive days. This year it cost $499 for travel 5 days a week (excluding Fridays and Sundays) and $699 for travel 7 days a week. They usually announce it in mid August, and the 30 days begins the Tuesday after Labor Day. That price was a solid rate too, including taxes as long as you travel within the USA. If you fly out to the Caribbean or Central and/or South America you just have to pay international fees per flight. It’s a pretty amazing deal though, because they let you book your flights all the way up until 3 days before you want to take them, as long as there are seats available. I’m a planner though, and I planned almost my entire trip in August. I’d definitely keep an eye out for it next August if I were you! They haven’t said for sure whether or not they’ll offer it again, but I don’t see why not! They get a lot of press and a ton of travelers during an otherwise “slow” travel time.

  2. Emma January 2, 2011

    Your trip sounds amazing, I’ve been reading a few other blogs about the AYCJ deal, I actually saw the deal last august, but had only just come back off vacation. Hopefully I’ll get to have a cool adventure like yours!

    • admin January 3, 2011

      Oh it was absolutely incredible! Half of me is hoping that I’ll still be laid off next September if they do it again, because I’d buy another pass in a heartbeat. Except next time I’ll know to meet up with other AYCJ-ers all over the country instead of just visiting old friends. Best of luck to you, and I hope you get to travel on the pass one day if they offer it again!

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