Day 21: The Calm Before the Storm

Day 21: The Calm Before the Storm

I woke up to the pleasant surprise of sunshine around 9am and immediately headed out to the beach.

I pulled a lounge chair right into the water and laid out listening to music until the storm clouds started rolling in around 2. I was the only one on that part of the beach except for a crab who was playing hide and seek with me in his little crab holes.

Then I went to the Pirate’s Cove water park and lounged around in the lazy river and went down the water slide once, then right back out to the ocean for some¬†snorkeling. I didn’t think I’d see much right off the beach, but I saw lots of crazy neon fish. I wish I had an underwater camera, but they wanted $22 for a disposable. Pretty big rip off considering the photographs from those things always turn out horrible. There were a few photographers running around taking pictures, so I was suckered into buying a few of me snorkeling and going down the water slide. Stay tuned for those photos when I get a chance to scan them in!

There was something wrong with my snorkel (or maybe it was just me) because I kept getting a mouth full of salt water every fourth breath or so. After about 20 minutes I had consumed so much salt water that I started to gag. I almost puked in the snorkel, so I ripped off my goggles and started dry heaving into the ocean but thankfully never vomited. I was pretty far out, so I started swimming as fast as possible back to shore and straight to the bar for some fresh water.

I snacked on some grilled cheese and cheese dogs from the grill almost every single day. Sometimes even twice a day, on top of the buffet and restaurants.

I took a nap on the balcony and woke up just in time for the closest thing to a sunset I got to see in Jamaica, which was still ruined by all of the clouds.

I even enjoyed a short walk on the beach that night.

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