Day 6: 11 Hours at the City Hostel in Seattle

Day 6: 11 Hours at the City Hostel in Seattle

This was my first experience at a hostel. Ever. I didn’t really know what to expect, but since I only needed a place for about 11 hours, I figured it would be fine. The people working at the hostel were great. Very friendly, and helpful. The place was constantly busy, something I wasn’t really expecting on a Sunday night, especially considering how dead the city seemed to be. Since living in New York, every smaller city I visit just seems like a ghost town when I don’t see people out and about at all hours.

The hostel had a lot of art on the walls that looked like it was for sale. There was a kitchen, library, computer room, and even a hot tub. Instead of paying the regular $35 fee, I went for the $38 all female suite which included a private bathroom. The room wasn’t for everybody, but it certainly provided exactly what I needed for the evening. There were four of us sharing the room on two bunk beds. The bathroom had a shower and a toilet, and the sink was in the main area. Nothing special, but there was hot water so I was happy. Two different times that I tried to enter my room with the electronic card, it wouldn’t work. I had to run downstairs each time and have them reprogram it.

Overall it was a good location as far as I could tell. It was downtown, within walking distance to the Space Needle. They serve a free breakfast around 8a, but since I had to check out at 530a I didn’t get a chance to grab some. The Light Rail was only a few blocks away, so taking public transportation out to the airport was extremely convenient and cheap. Only $2.50. They had free wifi, and if you’re interested in staying there, you can view all of their rooms on their website.

Inside room 305C

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  1. Jessie September 18, 2010

    Oi! I am so glad this worked out :)))

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