My Story


Who’s the girl behind Just Visiting?

My name’s Kim. I love to go new places, meet new people, eat new things, and mostly just live an awesome life. Also I love to write all about it and take tons of photos.

I’m from the flat lands of Northwest Ohio where I grew up on fast food, unbearable monotony, and white people. My easily-bored personality stood no chance of survival, so I did what any other overambitious kid with empty pockets would do—I worked my ass off and saved up for a dream of living a more exciting life in New York City. A week after I turned 21 in ’06 I left everyone and everything I’ve ever known behind and moved to a city of eight million strangers. The adventure had begun.

Patong Beach, Phuket

After graduating college  in ’09 I jumped between dead-end jobs just to pay my bills before finding myself unemployed and hovering just above rock bottom a little over a year later. I’d been tossing around the idea of launching a travel blog for a while when I heard about the jetBlue All You Can Jet Pass for $499. So I grabbed one up and spent the next two weeks designing, developing and launching Just Visiting to document my journey.

Northern Lights
It was a risky move. I had $0 in savings, enough cash to hold onto my apartment for about 43 more days, and six reoccurring monthly payment reminders that student loans are indeed, assholes. I wasn’t really in a place to drop everything and forget about a job for a month. I had no itinerary, no spare cash, and little professional experience in a shaky job market. But I took a risk and did it anyway, and I spent the next 37 days crashing on friends’ couches all over the country while getting a taste of life beyond the 9-5 world of career-obsessed America.

Jumping in Iceland

I created Just Visiting for other easily bored adventure-seekers who are constantly asking “what’s next?” For those who have the balls to step out of their comfort zone and see the world, even if it means doing it alone. It’s my way of sharing my stories and connecting with others who value new experiences more than any dollar amount.

I live to see the world, and I want to help people do the same without going in debt. I don’t make six figures, nor do I have rich parents or unlimited vacation days. I’m just a girl whose American Dream involves seeing the world and living life as a constant adventure.


Whether you’re gearing up for your own adventure or just traveling the world wide web, I hope you get some useful tips or at least a good laugh while following my journeys.

Wanna know more or grab a glass of Jameson in a city near you? Shoot me an email or message me on Facebook.