Bucket List

Forever growing, but here’s a start:

Jump out of an airplane. Bonus points if it’s somewhere scenic.
Surf. Or at least try to stand up on a surfboard for more than three seconds. In the water.
Learn how to shake my hips in South America.
Sing or play at least one song on guitar on stage with a band.
✓  Write and perform a stand up comedy skit
✓  Fly an airplane
Go cliff diving.
Go on a safari and get as close as possible to a lion and a tiger.
Lick a glacier.
✓  See the Northern Lights. Bonus points for awesome photos/videos.
Hike a volcano.
Get as close as humanly possible to red hot molten lava. Then throw something in it.
Throw something into the crater of a volcano.
Get all up in outer space’s grill at an observatory.
Fly a helicopter.
Selflessly help a family in need.
Get SCUBA PADI certified.
Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef.
Step foot on all seven continents.
Go ziplining through the jungle.
Camp out/stay in an ecotent in the Amazon.
Get lost in the Amazon.
Write a book. Bonus points if it gets published.
Get an article published in print.
✓  Drive a Jeep Wrangler in the desert with the top off.
Get muddy in a Jeep Wrangler while off-road driving.
✓  Ride ATV’s in the jungle.
Become Fluent in Spanish.
Become Fluent in French.
Snowboard down a bunny hill without falling on my ass once.
Learn how to sail a boat.
Relax in a private hut over clear blue waters.
Pull an all-nighter at a full moon party in Thailand.
Try kiteboarding without a fatal collision.
Run a half marathon.
Go off-road biking on a scary or scenic road.
Help produce a music video.
Compete in something just for the fun of it. Bonus points if I win.
Live abroad.
Live without an actual address for an extended period of time.
Take a cooking class in another country.
Learn how to make sushi.
Visit Yosemite.
Firewalk without crying.
Go to a World Cup match.
Sleep under the stars.
See the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup. Bonus points for front row.
✓  Kiss the Stanley Cup.
Drink champagne out of the Stanley Cup.
Learn how to make an authentic Mexican dish from a family in Mexico.
Shower in a waterfall.
Go to outer space.