$300 For Another Amazing Birthday Getaway

$300 For Another Amazing Birthday Getaway

It’s that time of year again. That time when I celebrate the welcoming of my existence for an entire month and refuse to work on the actual date of August 10th. It’s birthday month!

This year’s kind of a big deal. No, it’s not my 21st or 30th, but my whole life I’ve had this notion that this would be the year I’d finally have my shit together and it’d be the best year of my life (I’ve also always felt that I was going to die at age 34, so hopefully my premonitions are completely effed). But I wanted to set the stage and start off on the right foot.

I’m turning 27. Old enough to know what the hell I like and what I want. I know that I like Mexican food. And I know that I’ve never been to Mexico. So why wouldn’t I go spend a few days on a beach in Mexico, shoveling guacamole into my mouth ALL DAY LONG? If that doesn’t sound like a happy birthday then I don’t know what does.

I wasn’t looking for a cultural experience this trip, nor was I looking for much of anything that required excessive planning or strenuous physical and mental effort. And it would be nice if I could convince some awesome people to come along with me. So I chose Cabo San Lucas.

My bank account hasn’t quite recovered from Thailand just yet (where’s my bailout?), but that’s where frequent flyer miles and friend-of-a-friend deals came in. Flights were running about $650 RT but thanks to my habit of plastic abuse I got one for just $113 out of pocket. I somehow managed to convince two of my friends to tag along so I knew that was going to make the hotel even more affordable, but I didn’t know just HOW affordable. My friend Sherri came to celebrate her August 2nd birthday, and as it turned out her mom’s friend owns a vacation home down there. He let us rent it out for $100 a night—which pretty much makes him the coolest person ever. A PRIVATE HOME FOR A HUNDRED DOLLARS A NIGHT. Divided by three. That was music to my cheap little ears! That meant no tourists, no screaming children, no feeling super old around the younger 20-somethings at the pool, no awkward moments after realizing the guy you’re flirting with is only 18, and no shared bedroom because it was a freaking HOUSE!

Yep. All this space for three girls. Did I mention he only charged us $100 a night?

The view from the balcony. If you look closely between the two rocks on the left, you can see the infamous arch—which was MUCH smaller than expected. Story of my life.

Not a bad spot to enjoy breakfast.

I napped all over this living area.

The dining area and the incredible view.

I may or may not have had a tequila-fueld heart to heart with this wooden Pope man.

One of many beautiful sunsets from the balcony


All in all I only spent around $300 between the flight, rental car, house, food, and drinks for five days in beautiful—yet extremely hot—Cabo San Lucas. I gained 7 lbs from eating like a maniac, danced on a bar, got a “booty stamp,” almost fell off a second story balcony, saw a shooting star, and unexpectedly checked something off my bucket list. But more on all of that later. Happy birthday month to me!

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