Booked: My Next BIG Vacation

Booked: My Next BIG Vacation

The other day I was lucky enough to get a decent amount of money for referring a friend who was hired at our company. I should’ve put it directly towards my credit card bills, but I just did that with my entire tax return. So screw it, I’m going somewhere. Somewhere far, unlike any place I’ve ever been before so that I can experience true culture shock. I want to feel uncomfortable, lost, and far away from anything I’ve ever known.

So I’m going to Thailand.

Yes, I’ll probably stay close to the tourist hotspots like Bangkok and Phuket, but it will still be completely foreign to me since I know nothing about Thailand other than they had a huge Tsunami in 04, and it’s a place where both horny expats and honeymooning lovers go. I’ve only tried Thai food once, and to be embarrassingly honest I really don’t know much about Asia at all.

I’ll be traveling from May 18th – May 29th, spending over 55 hours in airports and airplanes. And sure it’s rainy season, but that just translates to affordable for me. It’s all about the silver lining people. My glass is always half full!

It’s rather unlike me to book such a huge trip just a month in advance, but this is an experiment at becoming a more adventurous on-the-go traveler. And I don’t plan on doing much research or planning because I don’t want to know what to expect. But I did jot down a few thoughts running through my mind in my notebook last night*.

It’s going to be an exciting journey. Stay tuned!

*See scanned image above. Apologies for my dreadful handwriting

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