Check It Out: An Interview in The Times

Check It Out: An Interview in The Times

Last week, Seth Kugel from the New York Times interviewed a handful of AYCJers for  the Frugal Traveler; myself included. My name was mentioned alongside several others, including Megan Kearney from Chicago, whom I had the pleasure of meeting during a layover in Long Beach on day 30. Megan seems like an interesting enough girl, definitely well-traveled with a great blog to prove it.

Check out how other AYCJers spent their 30 days on jetBlue, and decide for yourself whether or not the AYCJ pass was worth it. NYTimes Frugal Traveler: Does JetBlue’s All You Can Jet Pass Fill You Up? Users Respond


  1. Megan October 29, 2010

    Hi Kim!

    I just found your card in my bag and finally looked you up! Looks like you’re taking your time posting updates like me. Its great to take the time to write something down instead of rush to post something while you’re on the road.

  2. admin November 1, 2010

    Hey Megan!

    Yeah, I’ve kind of been bombarded with work to try and pay the bills since I’ve been back too, so it’s taking some time.

    I was pretty excited when I saw that we were both mentioned in the same sentence in that article haha. I was like “hey, I think I met her the last day of my trip.” So I dug up your card and sure enough! I was looking through your site also, good stuff! Great photos, great information. I think I could learn a thing or two from you! Anyway, I hope our travels lead us to cross paths again, and I’ll be keeping an eye on your site!

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