Day 23: Stuck in Jamaica

Day 23: Stuck in Jamaica

I woke up at 7am to one of the most intense thunderstorms I have ever witnessed in my life. The thunder was loud, the lightning was bright, the rain horizontal, and the wind was blowing chairs across the sidewalk right into the pool.

Before long, the beach had completely disappeared as the waves rushed in and the water slammed up against the walls of the resort.

Since the resort was open-air, the inside of the resort was starting to flood and most of the areas were closed down.

As if totally oblivious to the weather, I grabbed my bags and went to check out to go to the airport. That’s when I saw the sign at front desk that read “ALL JET BLUE FLIGHTS FOR TODAY HAVE BEEN CANCELED.” I may have freaked out for a minute. Being stuck in a foreign country with no money for a hotel room during a tropical storm is not exactly an ideal situation. I spent the next four hours trying to figure out my situation, when Betsy and her daughter came down into the lobby. Since I was freaking out, Betsy offered up her room for me to crash in for the evening free of charge. Seriously, nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. If not for her, I may have ended up staying in the lobby all night. I kept my all inclusive bracelet on and enjoyed the resort all day long. There were some kids scouring the beach for seashells in-between the downpours, and they were finding some pretty amazing shells and crabs. I searched and searched for one of my own but no luck.

The beach was a mess. All kinds of things were washed up on shore.

The umbrella huts were knocked over from the wind and waves.

The Margaritaville booth was destroyed.

When the rain started again, we went back inside and enjoyed more indoor entertainment as we continued to get soaked.

We went up to the room to pray for the weather to clear up so that we could get out of Jamaica on Thursday. Jenice introduced me to her teddy bear, and she seemed pretty bummed that the weather had been so crappy, because her bear didn’t get to wear all of her outfits that she’d packed for her. So I said “let’s see ‘em!” and with that we had an impromptu fashion show while watching “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Of course, since the teddy bear was the model, Jenice the stylist, I was the photographer.

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