Day 5: Just Call Me David Lee Roth

Day 5: Just Call Me David Lee Roth

After our walking tour of Portland, we went back to the apartment to rest up a bit, where I consumed the second half of my Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. We had dinner at the 5th Quadrant where I ordered more local beer along with a beer and cheese dip. It was a little more spicy than I’d expected, but delicious.

The night proceeded onward to a place called Alibi, where I got Shane to do karaoke for the first time in his life. Of course I did a Van Halen song— Ain’t Talkin Bout Love. The bar hated us. We were not good. At all. I jumped around and just yelled the lyrics, because at that point I was aT LEAST  15 drinks in for the evening. As if I weren’t sufficiently humiliated the first time, we decided to go back up a second time and sing “California Love.” Turns out, the only words both of us knew were “California loooove” at the very beginning. Full-length video to come!

We went back to the apartment with a case of PBR and finished the night New York style. Meaning we stayed up until about 5am. Probably not the smartest idea the day before a miniature road trip up to Seattle.

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